Context of Papers relating to the Quakers tythe bill : viz. I. The case of the people called Quakers. II. Extracts from the yearly epistles of meeting of Quakers held in London relating to tythes. III. A supplemental extract from the Quakers yearly epistles relating to their Sufferings. IV. Remarks upon a bill now depending in Parliament, to enlarge, amend, and render more effectual the Laws now in being for the more easy Recovery of Tythes, Church-Rates, and Oblations, and other Ecclesiastical Dues from the People called Quakers: And also Remarks upon a printed Paper, intitled, The Case of the People called Quakers. V. The country parson's plea against the Quakers tythe-bill: Humbly addressed to the Commons of Great-Britain assembled in Parliament. To which is added, An answer to the Country parson's plea against the Quakers Tythe bill. In a letter to the R.R. author. By a member of the House of Commons, (electronic resource)