Context of Several discourses : of the life, sufferings, resurrection, and ascension of Christ; and the operations of the Holy Ghost. Viz. The life of Jesus Christ consider'd, as our example. The sufferings of Christ consider'd, as a proper means of our salvation. The evidence of our saviour's resurrection. The possibility of the resurrection asserted and prov'd. The resurrection of our saviour consider'd, as an argument for seeking things above. The circumstances and benefits of our saviour's ascension. Of the gift of tongues conferr'd on the apostles. Of the coming of the Holy Ghost, as an advocate for Christ. Of the coming of the Holy Ghost, as a guide to the apostles. Of the ordinary influence of the Holy Ghost, on the minds of Christians. The fruits of the spirit, the same with moral virtues. The necessity of supernatural grace, in order to a Christian life. By the most Reverend Dr. John Tillotson, late Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury. Being the tenth volume, published from the originals, by Ralph Barker, D.D. chaplain to his grace